Nursing Home And Elder Abuse


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Sadly, many of our senior citizens are often neglected and abused. And that number is expected to grow as our aging baby boomers need care.

Sometimes the signs of elder abuse are subtle, but some of the best indicators of abuse or neglect are the individual’s change in behavior or appearance.

Top Three Most Common Types Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can come in various forms. However, there are three main areas that are often seen:

1. Bedsores

When an elderly person is immobile or in a wheelchair, they are at risk for having constant pressure on certain parts of their bodies due to lying or sitting in the same place for too long.

When blood is cut off to an area of skin, such as in the buttock or bottom of the heel, a sore, often called an ulcer, can develop.

If this sore is ignored and goes untreated by a caregiver or personnel in a nursing home, it can burst and become infected, which often results in fatalities for more frail patients with weaker immune systems.

2. Falls

At least 1,800 fatal nursing home falls occur in United States every single year. Many more involve fractures and head injuries.

Nursing homes are required to make sure that their facilities are equipped with adequate handicapped rails, clear walkways and fully trained staff members to access such risks — but many do not. Deaths and injuries occur as a result.

3. Neglect

Elder neglect makes up almost half of all elder abuse cases. Elderly individuals suffer from neglect when their nursing home caregivers or hospital environments fail to provide food, water, personal hygiene care or medical attention that results in injury or death.

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