Kanit T.


Scott represented us on a case. We are really happy with Scott. He definitely deserves all those awards (Best Lawyers – Lawyer of the year, U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers, etc). Scott does a very good job of analyzing all the facts, hiring the best experts, and developing a strong evidence based argument. Throughout the entire process, Scott was very compassionate, empathetic, and caring. While at the same time, also very ethical and straight forward. Just an overall great guy to have had the pleasure of working with.

Connie W.


After being rejected by two attorneys who couldn’t see the value of a medical malpractice case I needed to refer out, I found Scott. Scott took the time to understand the matter and agreed that it was a challenge worth taking on. The matter just concluded very favorably, and we have Scott to thank for his expertise, tenacity, and overall stewardship which was key to its ultimate outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend him for your legal needs.

Syd C.


It’s been years since he represented my client but I am sure his character and humanity still shines through. Thank you for your kindness for people. He truly deserved it.

Howard J.

As a retired architect being involved in litigation during my career, I was impressed by the tenacity and drive of Scott Righthand in pursuing my case over a 3year period to a highly satisfactory conclusion . He followed Winston Churchill ‘s motto of never ever give up! He didn’t and we won a large settlement.

Suzanne W.

Scott Righthand’s law firm went out of their way to help me through the process of my lawsuit. They where always available to answer any of my questions , easy to work with as well as being kind and compassionate. I highly recommend Scott Righthand.

Kiel B.

Thank you, Scott, Brittany and the entire team – I am thoroughly pleased with the conclusion of my case! Scott was a strong advocate who became a friend and mentor. He helped guide me through one of the more difficult times in my life. From the moment I first called, I always felt thoroughly informed of my options. I always felt informed on the status of the case and my questions were always answer promptly with information easy to digest, which was especially helpful not being in the legal field. I hope to never need their services again, but if I do, Scott Righthand will be my choice without hesitation.

Laura G.

I don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude to Scott Righthand for the way he represented me and handled my case. I have worked on the plaintiffs side of personal injury for over 30 years. I never imagined that I would be a plaintiff under these circumstances. I was viciously attacked by my neighbors 130 pound rottweiler while trying to do him a favor. I was blindsided when my neighbor lied about the circumstances and tried to put the fault on me. I should have known better but that is where Scott came in. He held my hand and directed me through litigation, discovery, medical exams, photo sessions, obtaining experts, mediation, and depositions, including my own. The defense counsel and the insurance companies were stubborn and made my life uncertain and more miserable than the 50 stitches to my calf. He was my rock and guiding force through this – it took almost 3 years of intense litigation to get it settled. Due entirely to Scott’s tenacity, legal expertise and unwillingness to fold, I came out on top. I feel freed now that it is over and able to move forward physically and mentally. I am a very strong person; however, this was a terribly difficult chapter in my life. Scott was compassionate and dedicated to my case. His office was always responsive and professional to me. This is not a journey that you should travel alone, without a seasoned attorney. It is truly a battlefield. I am eternally grateful to Scott and his law firm and highly recommend them.

Rebecca A.

My life was forever changed when I had a knee surgery that went horribly wrong in 2009. I have never felt so powerless. I was fighting to keep my business, my leg and most of all my sanity. When I set out to find an attorney to represent me, I realized that the real fight hadn’t even begun. Malpractice law is a very small niche that I believe only the biggest hearts choose to practice. I was told by multiple lawyers that infection cases are too hard to win and they wouldn’t take my case. Then, I met Mr. Righthand. He is professional, compassionate, ethical and extremely knowledgeable. He held my hand & listened when I needed it. I had never gone through a lawsuit before so trust me, I needed it. Mr. Righthand was patient and fought for me every step of the way. If you have the misfortune of being in a malpractice lawsuit, Mr. Righthand is the advocate you need.

Amie S.

Mr. Righthand represented us successfully in a wrongful injury dispute. His knowledge of the various processes and possible outcomes was impressive. He and his staff went above and beyond in preparing the arguments on our behalf, and their sincere concern and caring really helped make a stressful situation manageable. We definitely recommend Mr. Righthand and his firm.

Joy R.

While on my way to work I was rear-ended by a big truck. I immediately began feeling extreme pain. I was instantly thrown into a cycle of pain and pain meds as I continued to try to keep working. I could barely think straight and the last thing I thought about was getting an attorney. A good friend advised me to seek legal counsel as it appeared my injuries were more severe than I realized. I was referred to Scott Righthand and he agreed to represent me. He took over my case and I did not worry about anything else except to focus on healing my body. Laura Gonzales, his legal assistant, was always friendly and responsive to my concerns and went out of her way to help me maneuver through the process. When we finally went to court I could not believe the case Scott presented on my behalf. I was blown away by how well he knew every detail of my case. He was extremely thorough and detailed and I found out more about my injuries and damage to my vehicle than was ever explained to me by my doctors. I was impressed by the qualified experts he presented and Scott was well prepared to counter any defense the other parties presented. In a time of crisis, I always seek out angels to help me cope. During this trying time of pain and confusion, Scott and Laura became my angels and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Scott!

Edwin G.

My experience with the Law Office of Scott Righthand was beyond my expectations. I came in his office looking for a lawyer and walked out with a team that was willing to fight and go the distance with me. I was very pleased with the results Scott and his A+ team got for me. So, if it is results you want then u want nobody else than the Law Office of Scott Righthand.

Michelle C.

Amazing!! I felt so comfortable and secure during the whole process! Thank you for helping us through a difficult time, and changing our lives forever!

Paul K.

Scott and his associates are top-notch. We won our case because he was incredibly thorough and honest. I would highly recommend working with this team to anyone needing legal help. Thanks, Scott!

Jordan M.

Brittany is not only an expert in her field of law but equally important, understands the emotions and the people aspect of what I was going through – she was available for questions, explained things in layman’s terms and coached me through the process to achieve the best results. I would have not been prepared whatsoever and would have been coaxed into the defense’s tactics. No one ever plans to have a personal injury claim and certainly, no one wants to go through it. But since life happens and is full of surprises, you really need an advocate by your side. One, not only understands the legal aspects but also understands people and can identify how thoughtfulness outplays impulsiveness in an arguably a strung-out process. I would highly recommend using Brittany and her team!

Claude W.

I have worked with many lawyers over many years, and I have to say that Scott Righthand and Brittany Rogers are both absolutely great. Scott devotes his decades of experience and expertise to each and every case, and Brittany fights so fiercely for each and every client. This law firm’s dedication to their clients is unrelenting, and they treat every client like family. And their results are exemplary, not stopping until they have made a real positive difference in their clients’ lives. These two attorneys are consummate professionals, and I will continue to refer clients to them whenever I have the opportunity.

Alma D.

Mr. Scott Righthand was recommended to us by an attorney we hired for our business. At the time we personally didn’t need his services, but another extended family member did. A few years later we were in need of his services as well. Mr. Righthand provided excellent service to us. His whole office team is very professional and personable. It took us a few years to settle our case and all throughout that time Mr. Righthand was available to answer any question or concern I or my husband had. He made us feel calm even during the harder days. I felt he really cared about our family and our case. I was very impressed at how highly regarded and known he is in his profession. Throughout this process, we came upon other lawyers or persons in the field that knew him and were very happy to greet him. One lawyer even said in passing, ” you got the best guy.” Overall this was a very tough process but I believe we had the best attorney. We will always be very thankful to him. I would definitely recommend him.

Sandy G.

My husband and I were in an accident where we both received head injuries. We had many calls from attorneys who wanted to represent us. Scott was recommended to us by a friend of our son-in-law. We decided to go into his office and discuss the case. After our office conference, we retained Scott on the spot. His professional approach and self-confidence gave us the belief that he would do the best possible job for us. It proved to be one of the best decisions of our lives. Scott kept us at ease through a trying year and worked to bring a successful resolution to our case. We would highly recommend Scott for his professional, humane, efficient handling of our case.