Our Victories


Case Results

In recent years, the following settlements and judgments have been obtained for our clients. This is a partial list only. Requests to contact former clients for use as references will only be considered on an individual basis and with the clients’ permission. Only clients who have not signed confidentiality agreements in the process of their settlements will be made available.

Head-On Auto Collision – $5,250,000
Wrongful death

Road Design – $4,750,000

Single vehicle run off of road resulting in quadriplegia

Birth Injury – $3,500,000

Cerebral Palsy/Delay in C-Section

Wrongful Death – $2,000,000

Failure to diagnose heart disease

Medical Malpractice – $1,700,000

Failure to diagnose/treat brown recluse spider bite

Bicycle / Motor Vehicle Accident – $1,500,000

Leg / ankle injury

Motorcycle Accident – $1,100,000

T-bone accident arising out of U turn on two lane road

Wrongful Death – $1,050,000

Malpractice causing blood loss during spine surgery

Medical Malpractice – $1,050,000

Failure to diagnose/treat spinal meningitis

Medical Malpractice – $1,000,000

Cauda equina injury

Malpractice – $900,000

Stroke following failure to diagnose carotid stenosis

Medical Malpractice – $750,000
Failure to diagnose infection leading to joint fusion and prosthetic joint implant

Product Liability – $750,000

Rollover sunroof defect/ejection resulting in spine injury

Pedestrian / Bus Accident – $750,000

Head injury, teeth fracture impact

Malpractice – $700,000

Failure to diagnose lung cancer

Medical Malpractice – $600,000

Wrongful death due to failure to treat pulmonary embolism

Wrongful Death – $600,000

Slip and Fall: retail store $600,000.00

Malpractice – $545,000

Failure to diagnose / treat brown recluse spider bite

Auto Accident- $500,000

T-Bone accident resulting in exacerbation of spinal deformity

Road Design – $500,000

Single vehicle guardrail resulting in spinal injury

Wrongful Death – $495,000

Developmentally delayed child / care home neglect

Bus Accident – $450,000

Neck injury leading to cervical disc rupture

Pedestrian Accident – $300,000

Knee injury-pedestrian in crosswalk

Medical Malpractice – $300,000

Pharmaceutical negligence

Rear-End Collision – $290,000

Jeep vs. Jeep collision resulting in minor lumbar disc

Malpractice – $275,000

Failure to diagnose cauda equina $275,000.00

Intentional Injury – $225,000

From scalding water burns $225,000.00

Medical Malpractice – $200,000

Medical Malpractice – $200,000

Unnecessary ACL repair-knee

Motorcycle Accident – $175,000

Motorcycle vs. motorcycle rear end collision

Slip And Fall Stairway – $160,000

San Francisco outdoor stairway

Pedestrian Accident – $160,000

Low back injury

Motorcycle Collision – $100,000

Patellar injury