Alma Diaz

Mr. Scott Righthand was recommended to us by an attorney we hired for our business. At the time we personally didn’t need his services, but another extended family member did. A few years later we were in need of his services as well. Mr. Righthand provided excellent service to us. His whole office team is very professional and personable. It took us a few years to settle our case and all throughout that time Mr. Righthand was available to answer any question or concern I or my husband had. He made us feel calm even during the harder days. I felt he really cared about our family and our case. I was very impressed at how highly regarded and known he is in his profession. Throughout this process, we came upon other lawyers or persons in the field that knew him and were very happy to greet him. One lawyer even said in passing, ” you got the best guy.” Overall this was a very tough process but I believe we had the best attorney. We will always be very thankful to him. I would definitely recommend him.

Sandy Gsand
Posted on: September 16th, 2019
Claude Wyle
Posted on: September 17th, 2019

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17 September,2019

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