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Bicycle Accidents Archives

Why are male cyclists at risk in California?

Many people in California use their bikes for recreation, exercise or transportation. In fact, cycling is quite a popular sport in the state, despite the risks involved. While riding a bike in itself is not that dangerous, it can be quite risky for individuals who must share the road with a moving vehicle as they do so.

Yielding at Stop Signs May Become New Law for Cyclists in SF

San Francisco is considered to be the second most densely populated city, just behind New York City. Not surprisingly, the city has a major cyclist population. In response to the need for improved bicycle laws, city leaders are considering a new controversial proposal that would allow cyclists to roll through stop signs, so long as the coast is clear. Passing this ordinance would make San Francisco the largest city in the U.S. to allow bicycle riders to yield at stop sign.

More Cyclists Should Use GoPro Cameras to Document Accidents

GoPro, the popular pocket camera company that has made more than $117 million in the past three years, just had a highly successful Initial Public Offering. The company, which was founded by Bay Area native Nick Woodman, has become beloved in the world of extreme sports, its product championed by X Games athletes and daredevils like Felix Baumgartner, who recently broke the sound barrier by jumping from a balloon 24.5 miles above earth and capturing it all on film.

Oakland Plays Catch-Up On Bike Lanes

As rent prices in San Francisco have become unreachable for a majority of the population, many out-priced city residents have decamped for the East Bay, and Oakland in particular. Along with the new population, there has been an unprecedented spike in the number of bikes on the road. In fact, in the past ten years or so, census results show that the number of people biking to work in Oakland has risen an astonishing 140 percent.

Tech CEO Road Rage Highlights Tensions in Bay Area

In general, folks in the Bay Area try to share the road as amicably as possible. Cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cars all navigate around each other as best they can, leaving extra room where necessary and waiting their turn at stoplights and other intersections. But every now and then, someone snaps and road rage rears its ugly head. We are then forced to wonder if, in fact, there's more animosity being harbored on the road than meets the eye.

Marin Approves $9.4 Million Bike Path for Ferry Building

Regular Larkspur ferry commuters know how many cyclists ride their bikes to the ferry terminal each morning. What they may not know is just how difficult it can be to access the terminal on a bicycle. There are bike paths in the area, including the convenient Cal Park tunnel, but none of them connect directly to the biggest transportation hub in the city of Larkspur.

The Bulb-Out: Cyclists vs. Pedestrians

There's plenty of literature out there arguing the relative merits of bulb-outs, those C-shaped sidewalk extensions that are becoming more and more common throughout the Bay Area. An article in last week's Marin Independent Journal does a great job outlining the concept of bulb-outs, and exploring the issues that play into whether or not these constructions are ultimately effective in Marin County.

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