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These bad driving habits lead to many traffic accidents

Sometimes getting from point A to point B can risk your safety and even your life. Countless people have been involved in multiple car accidents of varying damages throughout their lives. It is no surprise that bad driving habits are often the cause of such accidents.

Unfortunately, these bad habits may persist throughout the generations of drivers. As we age, we may experience driving issues we didn't have before and new drivers will always lack experience on the road. However, it's helpful to understand the underlying causes of common traffic collisions to try and prevent yourself from doing them.

Here are some of the most common bad habits drivers have that result in traffic accidents.

Distracted driving - Checking your email, texting a friend back, and listening to loud music can easily distract you from what's happening on the road. Looking down for a couple of seconds can cause you to miss a yellow light turning red and more.

Speeding - Reducing your speed to the legal limit may greatly reduce your chances of losing control or colliding with another vehicle. Speeding reduces your ability to react when faced with an obstacle. When you speed, you are at higher risk for causing an accident.

Not adjusting to weather conditions - Driving exactly how you would in dry, sunny weather despite weather changes can dramatically increase your odds of an accident. It is not respectful to speed past someone in severe weather storms. It puts everyone at risk, including yourself.

Not signaling your intentions - Something as simple as pushing down on a nearby lever can prevent serious problems with the drivers around you. Merging and changing lanes without making your intention clear to other drivers causes confusion and a possible metal-on-metal wreck.

Traffic accidents can cost lives, time at work, legal penalties and so much more. It is never worth it to risk these things by engaging in bad driver habits. Patience and respect goes a long way when joining traffic and getting to where you need to be.

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