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Pedestrian fatalities increase for San Francisco, again

Late on Saturday, April 29, 2017, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car near San Francisco State University, CBS Local News in San Francisco reported. Then on the following Monday, May 1, a pedestrian was killed in another car crash. This time the accident was in the early morning at the Octavia entrance ramp to south-bound Highway 101. These two fatalities increase the number of pedestrian deaths this year to five for the city, according to the CBS article.

With no end in sight to these tragedies, what can residents and visitors do to stay safe when walking San Francisco?

How to document evidence of your car accident injuries

Car accidents can be disorienting and often traumatic. If you recently got into an accident, your injuries and associated costs are likely worrying you. The thought of paying your rising medical bills on your own is concerning. How do you get reimbursed? What should you do next?

Before you meet with an attorney or talk to the insurance company, it is important to document your personal injury expenses. Below is a guide to collecting necessary evidence to move forward with an insurance claim or injury lawsuit.

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