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Is Your Lithium Ion Battery at Risk of Exploding?

1286694297_55e1ccaedf_m.jpgLithium ion batteries are everywhere. They power our laptops, our cell phones, e-cigarettes, hoverboards, and myriad other electronic devices. Tech companies and consumers alike enjoy these batteries because they are able to store a significant amount of energy in a very small space and are generally light weight.

But these batteries can be incredibly dangerous, and in the right circumstances they are prone to catching fire, and in some instances, even killing people. In fact, several companies have been forced to recall their products due to faulty lithium ion batteries.

3 ways to protect yourself while operating a motorcycle

As a motorcyclist, you may find the freedom of the road exhilarating. You may enjoy feeling the open air and having the ability to join others who share your passion on fun outings to various destinations. You may even build certain parts of your life around the identity you have from being a motorcyclist.

Of course, you certainly also know that operating a motorcycle comes with risks that drivers of other vehicles do not face. You may not want to often think about the potential dangers you face on the road as such thoughts could put a damper on your good time, but you undoubtedly want to remain aware of how to better protect yourself on the road.

Vehicle size and your safety: Are you at risk of fatal injuries?

When purchasing a vehicle, you likely explored your options in hopes of finding the best fit for you. You may have based your desires on look or performance or any number of other factors that can come into play when looking for a new vehicle. Of course, safety undoubtedly came in as a priority due to your wanting to remain as safe as possible on the roadways.

Even if a vehicle has a fair safety rating, the circumstances of an accident could still result in serious or fatal injuries taking place. Because of the uptick in the state of the economy, more individuals find themselves traveling, which also means more people face the risk of accidents. Fatalities do take place in car crashes, and certain vehicles may make you or a loved one more susceptible to fatal injuries.

A drowsy driving accident may be a wake-up call

It's a fast-paced world, and there may be no place where that is more evident than a California freeway. Vehicles traveling at high rates of speed at all hours of the day or night place you at risk of an accident, especially when many of those drivers may be impaired, distracted or driving poorly maintained vehicles.

However, a recent study revealed a hazard exists on the road that you may not realize. A hectic lifestyle often means longer hours at work and less sleep for drivers. A lack of sleep behind the wheel of a motor vehicle may be a combination as lethal as drunk driving.

Pedestrian fatalities increase for San Francisco, again

Late on Saturday, April 29, 2017, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car near San Francisco State University, CBS Local News in San Francisco reported. Then on the following Monday, May 1, a pedestrian was killed in another car crash. This time the accident was in the early morning at the Octavia entrance ramp to south-bound Highway 101. These two fatalities increase the number of pedestrian deaths this year to five for the city, according to the CBS article.

With no end in sight to these tragedies, what can residents and visitors do to stay safe when walking San Francisco?

How to document evidence of your car accident injuries

Car accidents can be disorienting and often traumatic. If you recently got into an accident, your injuries and associated costs are likely worrying you. The thought of paying your rising medical bills on your own is concerning. How do you get reimbursed? What should you do next?

Before you meet with an attorney or talk to the insurance company, it is important to document your personal injury expenses. Below is a guide to collecting necessary evidence to move forward with an insurance claim or injury lawsuit.

London tragedy reminds us all about fire hazards

The world is still reeling from news about the tragic London high-rise fire that killed dozens, injured many more and left over 100 families homeless. As more information emerges about this terrible incident, one thing is becoming clear: there were known safety issues about the building that were ignored until it was too late. Preliminary reports show that residents had reported issues with there only being a single entry and exit to the 24-story tower while repairs were ongoing, and that there were no sprinklers installed in the building.

As-yet unconfirmed information also hints that the building could have been clad in a now-banned siding that itself could have contributed to the rapid spread of the blaze. Until a more in-depth investigation has been completed, however, the world will have to wait to determine both what caused this fatal blaze and how best to prevent something equally tragic from happening again in the future.

California motorcycle accidents: staying safe

Even though California's temperate climate means that motorcycling is possible year-round in many areas, the warmer temps and additional sunshine of spring and summer bring out motorcyclists in droves all across our great state. According to data provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there are more than 884,000 registered motorcycles in the state, and 1.4 million residents have a motorcycle license.

Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of the wind on their face, an unobstructed view of the scenery, the feel of the sunshine and the adrenaline rush, but their enjoyment comes at a price. Should an accident happen, motorcycles offer very limited protection for riders, thus their bodies will take the brunt of any trauma and force, whether that be from laying the bike down on the pavement, colliding with a stationary object or being struck by a moving vehicle.

New Apple feature could prevent distracted driving

In response to a rising tide of distracted driving-related, injury-causing and fatal auto accidents, technology companies like Apple are creating features to help stave off distractions behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported more than 391,000 injuries related to distracted driving in 2016 alone, and thousands more people lost their lives. The fatal accident rate in particular spiked last year.

The "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature can use either Bluetooth or wi-fi accessibility to determine when a user's phone is in a moving vehicle. Once that has been determined, the phone's screen will remain free of displayed text messages, reminders and phone alerts until the car stops. An auto-populated message will respond to incoming texts telling the sender that the user is currently driving and that messages will be returned shortly.

Drug Use Rivaling Alcohol Use as Leading Cause of Fatal Accidents

Drunk driving is a serious issue. According to estimates, 30 people die every day in the U.S. due to car accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers. That is around one death every hour of the day. In 2013, statistics revealed that 10,076 people were killed in drunk driving accidents, which accounted for nearly one-third of all motor vehicle-related deaths.

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