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Lithium Ion Battery Fires Can Start Spontaneously

Lithium ion battery fires are real and very dangerous. They can start spontaneously because of a product defect, an internal short or they can be started with physical damage to the cell. We spent the last 5 years litigating a lithium ion battery fire that killed two people and in the process learned a great deal about this product and its dangers. They are prodigious. Most of the LI batteries are made in China, Korea or other countries and the quality of the product is variable. Any flaw in the electrolyte can short out the battery and will start a fire. It can start when you are nowhere around or it can start when you are sleeping. 

Driving while high: A safety issue threatening California drivers

California readers know it is dangerous to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Like alcohol, certain drugs can cause both cognitive and physical impairments, leading to an increased chance of a car accident. Even certain prescription drugs can be dangerous to consume before driving.

Regardless of the type of drug or the reason for taking it, every driver is responsible for knowing when he or she cannot safely drive. If you were hurt in an accident that happened because of a drugged driver, you have rights. Like drunk drivers, it is possible to hold drugged drivers accountable for any damages caused by their decisions.

Dealing with the impact of a traumatic brain injury

If you suffered a brain injury in a California car accident, you know firsthand how these types of injuries can be different from person to person. Because everyone is different, the way that your injury will affect you depends on individual factors such as your health at the time of the injury and what part of your head suffered the impact. 

It is impossible to predict the way that your brain injury will manifest. The symptoms of your injury may seem minor at first, but they can change and grow worse over time. Victims of all types of traumatic brain injuries need continued medical care, and you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation for your immediate needs and those you may experience in the future.

Time change could lead to increase in drowsy driving

California readers know the time change that occurs in the spring every year means one less hour of sleep for drivers. Less sleep means that a person could get behind the wheel of a car while too tired to be safe. According to AAA, the time change could mean more drowsy drivers on the road, and drowsy driving always leads to an increased chance of an accident.

Drowsiness is a major concern for motor vehicle accident safety. It is one of the most underreported causes for car accidents, mostly because people find it embarrassing to admit they were too tired at the time of an accident. Victims of drowsy driving are victims of the negligent and reckless actions of another person, and they have grounds to seek financial compensation for their injuries and losses.

There's more to a spinal cord injury than just paralysis

If you are one of the thousands of people who now live with paralysis after a spinal cord injury in the last year, then you may already know that you have a host of challenges ahead of you. You may need to relearn basic skills and could need to find new ways to perform others.

Even as challenging as those situations may be, you may face other issues. Many people who suffer from paralysis also suffer from secondary conditions relating to it.

You could be walking toward an injury

Whether your New Year's resolution was to get more steps on your fitness tracker or enjoy the great outdoors more often, you might be walking more frequently than in the past. Walking is a great way to enjoy fresh air, reduce your impact on the environment and stay healthy. Unfortunately, walking is also dangerous. Pedestrians in California are at serious risk for injuries from auto accidents.

Pedestrians face the most risk on the road

Does your child's toy contain lithium button batteries?

When parents purchase toys, they have an expectation that the manufacturer has created the product with a child in mind. This may mean taking into consideration the child's natural curiosity and tendency to explore. Toys made for children should be able to withstand such curiosity without placing the child in danger.

You know as well as any California parent that part of children's desire to explore includes putting objects in their mouths. A toy with a faulty design may allow hazardous parts to end up in your child's mouth. Perhaps few objects are more dangerous in a child's mouth than a lithium button battery.

Autonomous cars leave many questions unanswered

No doubt, you have heard that driverless cars are on their way. You may remember such vehicles from fictional settings such as "I, Robot," "Jurassic Park" or the classic Batman series. For the most part, these vehicles seem simpatico with their chief passengers, making their drives effortless and safe, unless an archenemy got involved.

While it may seem almost impossible to fathom, the autonomous cars of science fiction movies are only a few years from reality. However, unlike the computers of sci-fi, which often have remarkably advanced human capabilities, the computers running the new breed of driverless cars are still in their developmental stages. In fact, you may be shocked to realize the ethical dilemmas these cars will face.

Will your California wildfire insurance claim be denied?

If you are one of the thousands of people displaced by the recent wildfires here in California, you are more than likely struggling to pick up the pieces of your life. Hopefully, you have been able to address your immediate needs for shelter, food and transportation.

Even so, you may be eager to rebuild your life, including your home if yours was one of the 14,000 plus destroyed by the flames. Before you begin the claims process with your insurance company, you may want to reduce the possibility that your adjuster may initially deny your claim or that you will experience unnecessary delays in the resolution of your claim.

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