Tips for Drivers Involved in Traffic Accident

You must stop if you are involved in a collision. You may be charged with hit and run if you don’t. After stopping, here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Pull off the road if you can.
  2. Call the police or 911 if there are injuries. Note that the police may not come to a collision in which there is only property damage. The law does not require a police report in these cases.
  3. Exchange the following documents with other people involved in the collision:
    • Name and address
    • Driver license number and registration card
    • Evidence of insurance
  4. Request the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of other passengers and witnesses.
  5. If you have a camera, take photographs of the damage, the position of the cars, and the collision scene.

Note: You can keep in the glove compartment an inexpensive flash camera that takes 20 to 30 pictures. It costs very little and may come in handy!

  1. If the owner of a damaged car or property cannot be located, leave a note with the names and addresses of the drivers and owners of the involved cars.
  2. Notify your insurance company immediately.
  3. You must file a traffic accident report (SR1) to the DMV within 10 days if the property damage exceeds $1,000, or if anyone is killed or injured. Your insurance agent may file this report on your behalf. In any either case, make sure it gets done! Everyone involved in the collision must file the report.
  4. You must report the collision to the police within 24 hours if someone is killed or there is an injury.
  5. If you are involved in a non-injury collision and the vehicles can be driven, move them out of the roadway.

If you hit a parked car or other property, you must try to locate the owner. If you cannot locate the owner, leave a note with your name, phone number, and address securely fastened to the car or property. Report the collision to the city police or to the CHP.

Here are some other important tips to follow:

  1. Do not argue with other drivers or passengers.
  2. Do not sign statements of fault or promises to pay for damages.

Tips for Avoiding a Collision with a Motorcycle

As a driver, you must be aware of motorcyclists, especially since they are harder to see. Here are some tips on how to defensively drive when around them:

  • Most motorcycles are wired so that their headlights are on at all times. This makes it easier to see them. Be alert for motorcycles that do not have their headlights on.
  • Drivers should give motorcyclists an extra second in following distance. This means you should stay four seconds behind a motorcycle, rather than the usual three seconds. Following too closely may cause a motorcyclist to be distracted from the road and traffic ahead.
  • Motorcyclists need a full lane’s width, like other vehicles. A skilled motorcyclist is CONSTANTLY CHANGING positions within a lane to increase his ability to see and be seen. Of course, he also must change positions to avoid objects or potholes. Be aware of his movements.
  • It is legal to drive in the same lane as a motorcycle, otherwise known as “splitting lanes.” In other words, motorcyclists may drive between cars. Be alert for cyclists that may appear next to your vehicle.
  • Bad weather and slippery surfaces cause greater problems for motorcyclists than cars. Allow more following distance for motorcycles when the road surface is wet and slippery. These conditions create stability problems. You may want to increase the following distance to eight seconds.

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