Client Testimonials For San Francisco Injury Attorneys

Scott Righthand exceeded my expectations

Scott Righthand exceeded my expectations during a hard time in my life suffering from a severely broken wrist. He was honest and straightforward and didn’t promise anything he couldn’t deliver. The whole process took three years (wasn’t going to file a claim but a friend suggested I should, so I waited almost a year) but I’m very happy in the end. I feel I got a good amount for my injury. His assistant Laura was very thorough and helpful at preparing the documents. They are a professional team and would recommend Scott to anyone.

Great experience during a very trying time

We engaged Scott as our attorney for a (successful) wrongful death lawsuit. We found Scott via a recommendation from a family friend (a defense attorney)! Evidently, Scott’s reputation was formidable enough for even a malpractice DEFENSE lawyer to recommend him. We couldn’t be more thankful for that recommendation. Scott provided insight, knowledge, compassion, and comfort, as we were going through an extremely difficult family loss. Never once did he come across as discouraged or doubting.

He was consistently enthusiastic, and ALWAYS available for communication. He was extremely accommodating, often commuting hours out of his way to meet in a location closer to our home, and his personality was always engagingly warm and open. He made us feel comfortable in the often uncomfortable arena of litigation. I cannot say enough complimentary things about Scott. We can only offer our endless gratitude for his efforts and our appreciation of his impressive skill.

Helped us change our lives

I felt in good hands with Scott. He provided us with great experts, was tenacious, and gave us good advice. We got the results we hoped for and were able to positively affect our son’s future and security.

Scott and his staff really listened to me

I was so pleased with the outcome of my lawsuit. I felt that Scott and his staff really listened to me. I hope that I never need him again, but I would hire Scott in a heartbeat if I did.

Scott made me feel as comfortable as possible

Being a young male, recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, and this was a very sensitive subject. I interviewed several attorneys and Scott Righthand stood out of the bunch. I told him that I would be getting back to him. He would periodically call me to just check in to see how I was doing, not for a sales call, but because he truly cares. Working with Scott allowed me to be more comfortable than expected. While all the discussions were difficult, Scott made me feel as comfortable as possible. I would recommend Scott Righthand to any person looking for a professional, bright, personable lawyer.

A true patient’s advocate!

My life was forever changed when I had a knee surgery that went horribly wrong in 2009. I have never felt so powerless. I was fighting to keep my business, my leg and most of all my sanity. When I set out to find an attorney to represent me, I realized that the real fight hadn’t even begun. Malpractice law is a very small niche that I believe only the biggest hearts choose to practice. I was told by multiple lawyers that infection cases are too hard to win and they wouldn’t take my case.

Then, I met Mr. Righthand. He is professional, compassionate, ethical and extremely knowledgeable. He held my hand & listened when I needed it. I had never gone through a lawsuit before so trust me, I needed it. Mr. Righthand was patient and fought for me every step of the way. If you have the misfortune of being in a malpractice lawsuit, Mr. Righthand is the advocate you need.

He helped my elderly father with his hit and run accident

My 92 year old father was backed into by a minivan when he was getting his mail at the Diablo post office.. it broke his hip..it was actually a hit and run. Scott helped in finding the driver of the minivan and recovering the policy limits for my father within six months of the accident. He personally visited my father at the hospital and at home. His firm was excellent in handling this case and my father was extremely pleased. We highly recommend him..

Sandy Gsand
5 Stars

My husband and I were in an accident where we both received head injuries. We had many
calls from attorneys who wanted to represent us. Scott was recommended to us by a friend of
our son-in-law. We decided to go into his office and discuss the case. After our office
conference, we retained Scott on the spot. His professional approach and self confidence gave
us the belief that he would do the best possible job for us. It proved to be one of the best
decisions of our lives.

Scott kept us at ease through a trying year and worked to bring a successful resolution to our

We would highly recommend Scott for his professional, humane, efficient handling of our case.

Alma Diaz
5 Stars

Mr. Scott Righthand was recommended to us by an attorney we hired for our business. At the
time we personally didn’t need his services, but another extended family member did. A few years later we were in need of his services as well. Mr. Righthand provided excellent service to us. His whole office team is very professional and personable. It took us a few years to settle
our case and all throughout that time Mr. Righthand was available to answer any question or
concern I or my husband had. He made us feel calm even during the harder days. I felt he
really cared about our family and our case. I was very impressed at how highly regarded and
known he is in his profession. Throughout this process, we came upon other lawyers or persons
in the field that knew him and were very happy to greet him. One lawyer even said in passing, “you got the best guy.”

Overall this was a very tough process but I believe we had the best attorney. We will always be
very thankful to him.

I would definitely recommend him.

Claude Wyle
5 Stars

I have worked with many lawyers over many years, and I have to say that Scott Righthand and
Brittany Rogers are both absolutely great. Scott devotes his decades of experience and
expertise to each and every case, and Brittany fights so fiercely for each and every client. This
law firm’s dedication to their clients is unrelenting, and they treat every client like family. And
their results are exemplary, not stopping until they have made a real positive difference in their
clients’ lives. These two attorneys are consummate professionals, and I will continue to refer
clients to them whenever I have the opportunity.

Jordan McCarthy
5 Stars

Brittany is not only an expert in her field of law but equally important, understands the
emotions and the people aspect of what I was going through – she was available for questions,
explained things in layman’s terms and coached me through the process to achieve the best
results. I would have not been prepared whatsoever and would have been coaxed into the
defense’s tactics. No one ever plans to have a personal injury claim and certainly, no one wants
to go through it. But since life happens and is full of surprises, you really need an advocate by
your side that not only understands the legal aspects but also understands people and can
identify how thoughtfulness outplays impulsiveness in an arguably a strung-out process. I would
highly recommend using Brittany and her team!

Paul Krekow
5 Stars

Scott and his associates are top notch. We won our case because he was incredibly thorough and
honest. I would highly recommend working with this team to anyone needing legal help. Thanks

Edwin Gipson
5 Stars

My experience with the Law Office of Scott Righthand was beyond my expectations. I came in
his office looking for a lawyer and walked out with a team that was willing to fight and go the

distance with me. I was very pleased with the results Scott and his A+ team got for me. So if it’s
results u want then u want nobody else than the Law Office of Scott Righthand.

Michelle Critser
5 Stars

Amazing!! I felt so comfortable and secure during the whole process! Thank you for helping us
through a difficult time, and changing our lives forever!

Joy Reyna
5 Stars

While on my way to work I was rear ended by a big truck. I immediately began feeling extreme
pain. I was instantly thrown into a cycle of pain and pain meds as I continued to try to keep
working. I could barely think straight and the last thing I thought about was getting an attorney.
A good friend advised me to seek legal counsel as it appeared my injuries were more severe
than I realized. I was referred to Scott Righthand and he agreed to represent me. He took over
my case and I did not worry about anything else except to focus on healing my body. Laura
Gonzales, his legal assistant, was always friendly and responsive to my concerns and went out
of her way to help me maneuver through the process.

When we finally went to court I could not believe the case Scott presented on my behalf. I was
blown away by how well he knew every detail of my case. He was extremely thorough and
detailed and I found out more about my injuries and damage to my vehicle than was ever
explained to me by my doctors. I was impressed by the qualified experts he presented and
Scott was well prepared to counter any defense the other parties presented.

In a time of crisis, I always seek out angels to help me cope. During this trying time of pain and
confusion, Scott and Laura became my angels and I am forever grateful. Thank you, Scott!

Theresa Ziskovsky
5 Stars

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Beyond our accolades, we believe it is our compassion that truly sets us apart. When you come to our firm, you
can be confident knowing that we truly care about what you’re facing and will do whatever it takes to
secure a successful outcome.

Beyond our accolades, we believe it is our compassion that truly sets us apart. When you come to our firm, you
can be confident knowing that we truly care about what you’re facing and will do whatever it takes to
secure a successful outcome.