San Francisco Takes Steps to Prevent Car Accidents

If you have visited San Francisco and walked down Market Street, you have probably felt the powerful force of traffic all around you. Strolling down the sidewalks and admiring the iconic buildings that surround you, the sound and rush of the cars moving past is noticeable from almost wherever you are on Market Street. All of that changed a few weeks ago when the City of San Francisco made a dramatic change and opted to ban private vehicles on one of the busiest areas of Market Street. 

Changing Behavior Can Reduce the Risk of a Car Accident

The concept behind closing this particular section of Market Street is in line with many of the people in San Francisco’s values, which focus on taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike instead of driving a car through the already crowded city streets. San Francisco is not alone in its seemingly modern decision to partition off a section of one of the busiest streets in the city. Other cities around the country are starting to look at how traffic impacts lifestyle and are taking similar action. For example, Denver and Minneapolis are two major cities that both have streets that are dedicated to foot traffic and public transportation only, prohibiting cars from driving through. 

Car Accidents Cause Serious Injuries in San Francisco

One of the motivating factors around closing an area of Market Street so that cars could not drive through was the effort to reduce the number of car-related accidents and injuries that occur every day in this part of the city. The executive director of the city’s Municipal and Transportation agency stated that “half of the 10 worst intersections for injuries and fatalities are on Market Street,” giving a startling statistic that indicates how much of an impact on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists there could be with this decision. 

As the city’s population continues to expand with more and more people moving to San Francisco, authorities are realizing the potential problem with the increased number of cars on the road. The hope of closing a portion of Market Street is that this will be a safe place for pedestrians and cyclists to commute during the busy times of the day. Increasing access to public transportation is another big move by the city. 

Although private cars will not be able to drive down this specific stretch of Market Street, the area will still be open to ridesharing companies, taxis, public buses, and streetcars. It is yet to be seen if this new system will help alleviate any traffic from the area, but those in charge of the project are confident that the number of vehicle-related injuries and casualties will drastically decrease, which is one of the major goals of this project.

Contact a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney Right Away After an Injury

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