Helping Bay Area Residents Recover For Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis results as a direct complication of a spinal cord injury or neurologic injury. A paralysis can cause emotional, physical and financial devastation and suffering for both victims and families. Common types include:

  • Paraplegia — a paralysis that affects the lower extremities, including the torso and legs
  • Quadriplegia — a paralysis that affects the torso and all four limbs
  • Facial paralysis — a paralysis that causes paralysis in some or all of the facial muscles
  • Partial paralysis — a paralysis that affects the movement of a muscle group to a varying degree but not completely

Instances When Paralysis Occurs

Paralysis can occur in a variety of incidents but most commonly in:

Recovering Compensation For Financial Burdens And Medical Needs

At The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., our attorneys know the health complications associated with a paralysis. The inability to move can lead to skin breakdown, bowel and bladder difficulties, infection, contractures and much more.

It is also financially detrimental. The cost of medical care for a paralyzed patient is extraordinary and involves numerous medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, a lifetime of nursing assistance, alterations to homes, cars and lifestyles.

Adult victims will be forced to adjust their work situations or be put out of work and on disability permanently. Children will spend their lives learning to adjust themselves to the complications of paralysis.

Since 1992, we have helped victims of paralysis recover for their injuries.

Our Past Cases

Our firm has been involved in truck and motorcycle accident cases that caused paraplegia and other motor vehicle accident cases that resulted in quadriplegia.

We have also seen medical malpractice cases in which nurses caused paralysis to a patient by rolling over patients with spinal cord injuries, or nursing home personnel who failed to monitor patients with infections or tumors which caused paralysis.

Let us help you.

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Catastrophic Injuries And Wrongful Death Incidents

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