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Lithium ion batteries have been used for over 20 years in computers, laptops and many other portable devices, as well as electric vehicles such as those made by Tesla Motors. They’re popular in large part because of their efficiency and fast chargeability features.

But like many products placed into the hands of consumers, such as prescription drugs or devices approved by the FDA, many aren’t necessarily safe.

A case-in-point involves the lithium ion batteries found in many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that have caused burns and other injuries to many consumers in recent weeks.

What Causes Lithium Ion Batteries To Explode?

Unlike AA batteries we purchase at the store for common household items, lithium ion batteries run on lithium fuel, are rechargeable and built directly into a consumer product or device.

The devices that utilize these batteries also include software that is programmed to notify the battery when to chemically react, or in other words, when it’s time to charge and how fast.

However, in some instances, an internal short circuit or other defect causes a “thermal runaway,” leading to immediate, excessive overheating and fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Explosions

An investigation into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones revealed that a manufacturing defect of the software program (one of three consumer product defects) was likely the culprit that caused the fires or explosions that injured many individuals.

The phones have been recalled and the Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised the public to discontinue their use.

However, many people have suffered burns or other serious injuries as a result. If you have too, you may have a claim against the manufacturer.

Handling Your Product Defect Claim

At The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., our attorneys can help. We have handled many personal injury cases involving product defects that have caused injury to many individuals. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve been able to obtain many successful recoveries for those throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other Types Of Products Containing Lithium Ion Batteries

Although the most recent incident involved the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, there are many other unsuspecting portable consumer products that contain lithium ion batteries that have and do cause similar injuries. Some include:

  • Portable electronic games
  • Cameras
  • Watches
  • Hoverboards
  • Tablets
  • Palmtops (PDAs)

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