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The Seven Types Of Bone Fractures: Which One Did You Sustain?

There are many ways bone fractures can occur — from auto accidents to workplace incidents to hospital or nursing home falls. And there are different types.

Which type you or a family member sustained will determine the type and amount of compensation available to you.

1. Stress (Hairline) Fractures

A stress fracture is a partial bone fracture and occurs from repeated pressure or stress to a bone, not one isolated impact. With a timely diagnosis, rest is the most effective course of treatment for these types of fractures.

2. Multi-Fragmentary (Comminuted) Fractures

Multi-fragmentary fractures occur when a bone splits into several different pieces. Such fractures often require surgical insertion of hardware to repair and length recovery periods.

3. Avulsion Fractures

Occurring most commonly in the pelvic region, avulsion fractures happen when the bone breaks in a place where a tendon or ligament is attached. These types of fractures are more common among children, especially in the region of the growth plate, and often require surgery.

4. Compound Fractures

A compound fracture occurs when an open wound is present and a bone is piercing through the surface of the skin. These types of fractures are incredibly serious due to the high risk of infection. They require immediate surgery and lengthy recovery periods.

5. Buckle (Torus) Fractures

Commonly suffered by children, buckle fractures are incomplete fractures, where one side of a bone buckles in on itself, without affecting the other side of the bone. Treatment is usually minimal. They tend to heal quickly with the help of a cast.

6. Greenstick Fractures

Also most common in children, greenstick fractures occur when a child’s young and flexible bone bends on itself, breaking part of the bone. These fractures will also tend to heal with the help of a cast and traction to help straighten out the bone.

7. Simple Fractures

Simple fractures occur when the bone splits in only one place and in only one line. There is no open wound present, and surgery is typically not necessary.

When They Occur

Different types of fractures tend to occur as a result of different types of accidents. For example, stress fractures are commonly related to athletic activity. Hip and elbow fractures often happen as a result of a fall, with many cases involving elderly people falling in nursing homes or in hospitals. Ankle fractures are a common injury sustained in automobile accidents and can require a joint replacement in the future.

Pelvic fractures can occur in major car accidents or at construction sites when a worker experiences a traumatic fall from scaffolding. Wrist fractures are common in slip-and-fall accidents as well as car accidents, as people often use their hands instinctively to break their falls.

Pursuing Compensation For Your Fracture

If you are the victim of a fracture or broken bone as a direct result of an accident due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

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