San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Injury

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Injury

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Injury

Were you aware that California is one of the US states with the highest number of registered motorcycle drivers? In 2020 alone, this state reported the highest number of commercial and personal registered motorcycles in the country. In addition to this, California experiences the highest number of fatal motorcycle accidents and accidents resulting in injuries. 

If you have been injured in a minor or major motorcycle accident because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve to seek compensation for your injuries and other accident-related damages. With the help of a San Francisco motorcycle accident injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Scott Righthand, you are one step closer to building a successful motorcycle accident case. 

What Are The Types Of Motorcycle Accidents In San Francisco?

Before we look at a few of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries, we thought we would share with you the common types of motorcycle accidents in San Francisco. If you were involved in any of the below scenarios, you could have a valid case. 

  • Accidents involving trucks and cars: It’s estimated that 75% of motorcycle accidents involve cars and or trucks. In many instances, a truck or car will not see the motorcycle while changing lanes or turning into a path, and this will cause an accident. 
  • Rear-end collisions: This type of accident is when a vehicle or motorcycle is rear-ended. Commonly rear-end collisions happen when a vehicle fails to brake in time to avoid smashing into the back of a motorcycle. 
  • Rope and chain accidents: Although not as common as other accidents, motorcyclists often suffer injuries from chain and rope placements. Some property owners place chains and ropes across their trails to keep bikers away. If you were involved in a chain or rope motorcycle accident, you could seek compensation because it is against the law for property owners to set traps.
  • Road debris accidents: Motorcyclists are also more likely to crash when they encounter road debris. Accidents frequently occur when drivers cannot avoid moor oil, loose pavement, grease, potholes, tire treads, and uneven road surfaces. 
  • Car door accidents: In many instances, vehicle occupants don’t check if a motorcyclist is driving their way and open their doors. This leads to a car door accident whereby a motorcyclist crashes into a vehicle’s door because they cannot stop in time to avoid the sudden obstacle in their path. 

What Are The Motorcycle Accident Injuries A San Francisco Lawyer Can Help You Seek Damages For?

There are many different types of injuries you can seek compensation for after a motorcycle accident as long as you can prove that the injuries you sustained occurred because of the accident. 

Below we have briefly touched on a few of the most commonly seen motorcycle accident injuries in San Francisco. If you incurred any of the injuries we spoke about, you are likely entitled to file a claim. Our law offices can help you with your legal proceedings if you choose to do so. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

Unfortunately, motorcyclists don’t have protection for their spinal cords despite wearing protective gear. When thrown from a bike during an accident, it can be easy for a driver to land on their back or in an awkward position resulting in a spinal cord injury. The more severe the bike accident, the more likely the driver will experience semi-permanent or permanent spinal cord injuries like paralysis. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Arguably, one of the most serious motorcycle accident injuries is a traumatic brain injury. Although San Francisco motorcyclists must wear a helmet by law, traumatic brain injuries can still occur even with this protection. TBIs can include minor, mild, or significant concussions, torn tissue, bleeding on the brain, bruising comas, and brain death. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists who suffer severe TBIs have to deal with the consequences for the remainder of their lives. 

Road Rash

Road rash is an incredibly common motorcycle accident injury that many bikers experience during an accident. This injury occurs when a driver slides across the road after falling off their motorcycle. Road rash, which is a collection of scrapes and cuts, can be a major or minor injury depending on the severity of the motorcycle crash. 

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident can be life-threatening. Often bikers can encounter trauma from a penetration injury or blunt force trauma. This can cause major damage to internal organs and internal bleeding. Since internal injuries are not always apparent, it’s crucial that those involved in a motorcycle accident seek medical care immediately. 

Speak With A San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Case

Motorcycle accidents are often traumatizing because they usually result in more serious injuries. If you have been in a bike crash, you might want to consider speaking with a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Scott Righthand

Our firm is well versed in the California motorcycle accident laws and is adept at gathering evidence on your behalf. Our team can work with you to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. You can contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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Beyond our accolades, we believe it is our compassion that truly sets us apart. When you come to our firm, you
can be confident knowing that we truly care about what you’re facing and will do whatever it takes to
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Beyond our accolades, we believe it is our compassion that truly sets us apart. When you come to our firm, you
can be confident knowing that we truly care about what you’re facing and will do whatever it takes to
secure a successful outcome.