Cable Car Accidents


Choosing Our Team To Handle Your Cable Car Injury Case

Cable cars are iconic to the city of San Francisco and are often associated with the City by the Bay in imagery, movies, paintings, literature and songs. San Francisco cable cars have been around for nearly 100 years and were designed to replace horse-drawn cars on the steep hills of San Francisco. The first cable car system was near the top of Nob Hill, and cable cars are still seen in the city today.

While these beautiful and historic cars are wonderful for transportation and sightseeing, they do still hold potential for accidents just like any other motorized vehicle in the city. Injuries from cable cars can be very similar to other large vehicle and public transportation accidents. Because of the lack of restraints and proper safety gear, many people find that the impact of a collision can be disastrous and leave victims suffering from serious injuries.

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Unique Cable Car Injuries

Such injuries can involve:

  • The operation of the vehicle on steep hills
  • Driver error or equipment malfunction
  • The open-air feature of the car making it prone to weather conditions
  • The grip failing to operate on the cable or the jaws not functioning properly
  • Riders hanging on the sides of the car, causing potential for serious injuries
  • Cable cars operating on roads frequented by cars, tourists and bicyclists

Limited Timeframe To File An Injury Claim

It’s important to note that specific and unique concerns arise in cable car cases. In most situations, the law allows injured parties only six months to file a personal injury claim against cable car companies.

This is why it is so important that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Working With An Attorney With Cable Car Knowledge

At the Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., our lawyers have been serving San Francisco since 1992 and have assisted countless clients in obtaining significant settlements for their injuries.

Because cable car accidents are a unique situation in San Francisco, injured parties will always work with a lawyer from our office who is familiar with the city and the laws governing tourist attractions and municipalities.

Let Us Help You With The Legal Case So You Can Focus On Recovery

Let us help you. We have received widespread recognition in our community for our achievements in helping injured parties.

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