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Train Accident Archives

Four Train Accidents & Two Fatalities in Bay Area in One Night

In a very concerning series of events, the Bay Area experienced four serious train accidents last evening-half of them ending in fatal results. While the evening commute for Bay Area residents can be interesting, it normally doesn't involve numerous accidents with every major public transit agency.

BART Launches Overdue Anti-Suicide Campaign

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post asking why no one was talking about the rising death tolls on BART and Caltrain. Why, I asked, was no one considering additional safety measures, such as cameras, smart video software, or even barriers that might help prevent suicides and other deaths on the train tracks? When would the death toll climb high enough for the authorities to actually do something?

Caltrain's 'Near Miss' Isn't Deterring Anybody

Last week, SFGate's blog reposted a video from Caltrain of a 'near miss' in which a pedestrian narrowly escapes being hit by a Bullet train. The blog post says that Caltrain is making a 'safety push' by promoting this video, ostensibly as a deterrent, in hopes that people who see it will be less likely to cross the train tracks. The video, taken on Feb. 18, originally appeared in this blog post from Caltrain. It is accompanied by safety tips such as "Never go around the gates!" and "Look, listen, live!"

Another Caltrain Fatality, and Still Nobody's Talking

Last Friday, yet another person was hit and killed by Caltrain. Precious few details are available regarding the accident, which occurred around 6:15 a.m. in Redwood City. The name of the victim was not released, nor were the circumstances of the accident, which is still apparently under investigation.

Caltrain Hits Two in First Fatal Accident of 2014

In a horrific accident on Monday night, one person was killed and another severely injured after being struck by Caltrain near the Santa Clara stop. The train, an express commuter train that was not planned to stop at that particular station, was estimated to have been moving somewhere between 50 and 70 mph when it hit the two pedestrians on the tracks. Authorities are still investigating the accident, and have said that they hope to question the survivor when his condition improves in order to ascertain why the two people were on the tracks in the first place.

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