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Pedestrian Accident Archives

Pedestrian deaths continue to rise

San Francisco is one of the most walkable cities in the U.S. If you live or work in the area, you may enjoy taking a stroll on your lunch hour or getting your exercise with a brisk jog. Perhaps you are not averse to walking to work to do your part for the environment. However, being a pedestrian is becoming more dangerous, even in a pedestrian-friendly city like ours.

What driver behaviors risk your life most as a pedestrian?

Numerous areas here in San Francisco allow you to use your feet for transportation. This provides you a chance to get some fresh air and exercise while you walk through some of the most beautiful parts of the city. You could easily become complacent under these circumstances, however, and forget to pay attention to the vehicles whizzing past you when you come to an intersection.

Are you at risk when walking through a parking lot?

As California readers know, pedestrians are at risk of suffering significant injuries when involved in an accident with a moving vehicle. Across the state, these types of accidents are on the rise, and it can be beneficial for people who walk for commuting purposes or to get exercise to know how to stay safe. However, you could also be at risk when simply walking to your car from a store.

The danger spots for pedestrians here in San Francisco

Some would say that walking is the perfect exercise. It doesn't require any equipment; it is low impact, and it is free. In addition, walking is a great way to get around and enjoy the beauty of San Francisco. For these reasons and others, you may be one of the multitudes of people here in the city who skip the motorized vehicles and use their own two feet to get where they are going.

11 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Pedestrian Safety This Month

Traffic crashes involving pedestrians are far too common and our children are especially vulnerable. While we may not be able to control drivers on the road while our children are walking, we can teach our children to be as safe as possible and do their part to make our streets safe. Of course, teaching your kids anything can be difficult, so we've compiled 11 tips for pedestrian safety education that you can implement into your daily routine right now.

On Walking and Talking on the Phone

Since the advent of cell phones, people have started using their walking time as an opportunity to chat on the phone. This phenomenon has become an epidemic. Now, at any given moment outside my law office in downtown San Francisco, I see more pedestrians interacting with their phones than with other people. Some are talking. More are texting or e mailing or instagraming.

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