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Why are male cyclists at risk in California?

Many people in California use their bikes for recreation, exercise or transportation. In fact, cycling is quite a popular sport in the state, despite the risks involved. While riding a bike in itself is not that dangerous, it can be quite risky for individuals who must share the road with a moving vehicle as they do so.

People on bikes have the right to share the road, but other drivers do not always respect this right. It is the responsibility of every person driving a car or truck to see bikes, give them proper space and not do anything reckless that can cause an accident. Unfortunately, cyclist accidents do happen, and interestingly, male cyclists are significantly more likely to die in this type of accident than females.

Why are men in more danger?

Men and women on bicycles are extremely susceptible to injury and harm when involved in a crash with a larger, heavier vehicle. Despite wearing helmets and taking other precautions, cyclists have little protection in an accident. If you ride your bike on the road for recreation and exercise, it may be beneficial to note that statistics indicate men are at a higher risk for fatal bike accidents than women. There are many reasons for that, including:

  • It may be as simple as the fact that fewer women ride bikes than men. It is possible that women are less likely to participate in potentially dangerous activities.
  • Many areas and roads in California are not bike-friendly. This means they may not have designated or clearly marked bike lanes with ample space.
  • There are few alternate routes available to bikers, meaning that they have no choice but to ride on the road with cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Advocates for cycling say that it is critical for the state to make the roads safer for people on bikes. In addition to lowering the number of preventable cycling deaths, it can also encourage more people to ride bikes. This can lead to cleaner air, less congestion on the roads and more.

The rights of any injured cyclist

Any injured cyclist, male or female, has the right to seek appropriate compensation for his or her injuries if a driver causes an accident. If you were hurt while riding your bike, it is possible you have grounds to move forward with a personal injury claim against the liable driver.

You do not have to walk through the aftermath of your accident alone, but you can take steps to protect your interests, hold responsible parties accountable and fight for the recovery you deserve.

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