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The lithium batteries in vape and E-cig devices may explode

Whether you vape as a tool to help you quit smoking or just enjoy the numerous flavors, you may enjoy the experience and even recommend it to others. You wouldn't be alone since vaping has garnered quite a following of people here in California and elsewhere across the country.

This has caused a surge in aftermarket and knock-off products in the market, including the lithium-ion batteries that many of the devices use. Now, these batteries are failing -- sometimes with painful results for owners.

The batteries can explode or at least catch fire

In recent years, people have reported batteries exploding in their hands, their mouths and in their pants pockets. Victims suffered burns on their hands, knocked out teeth and holes in their tongues, among other serious injuries. In 2015, the Federal Aviation Association banned travelers from putting E-cigarettes and spare batteries in their luggage due to the risk of fire.

Outside of a pressurized area, such as the cargo hold of a plane, the batteries of vape and E-cig devices are relatively safe. However, the aftermarket and knock-off versions may not be properly sealed, and the casings are cracked. This increases the risk of explosions or fires if the pressure builds to the right point. It and parts of the device may become projectiles that could cause serious injuries to anyone in the vicinity.

Another issue involves charging cords. Some third party, non-approved charging cords may overcharge the device, which would overheat the battery and cause a fire or explosion. Therefore, it's imperative that only the charging cord that came with the device is used for charging.

Do what you can to protect yourself

In addition to sticking with the charging cord your device came with, you may also want to make sure that you purchased a device from a reputable company. If you should need a battery replacement, you may be better off getting one from the same company. Don't store your batteries or device near metal such as the change in your pocket either. Taking a few precautions could save you from suffering injury.

However, in some instances, no matter what you do, the battery could explode or burst into flames and cause you serious injuries. Even if you recover, you could be left with permanent disabilities or disfigurements as a result. You may be able to pursue compensation from the responsible parties.

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