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You could be walking toward an injury

Whether your New Year's resolution was to get more steps on your fitness tracker or enjoy the great outdoors more often, you might be walking more frequently than in the past. Walking is a great way to enjoy fresh air, reduce your impact on the environment and stay healthy. Unfortunately, walking is also dangerous. Pedestrians in California are at serious risk for injuries from auto accidents.

Pedestrians face the most risk on the road

Sure, you may not actually stroll down the road, but sidewalks usually lie along roadways, and you will likely have to cross the street at some point. Unfortunately, even though they drive past them virtually every day, drivers do not pay much attention to what is happening on the sidewalk or near crosswalks.

This negligence is more than just dangerous; it is deadly. Hundreds of people die from pedestrian-related accidents every year, and even more suffer serious injuries. Consider the following:

Are you at a greater risk for injury?

Anyone can suffer an injury in a pedestrian accident, but some people face a greater risk of injury or death. Statistically, pedestrian accidents are more likely to injure or kill men than women. Those who have enjoyed a night out with a few drinks are also at an increased risk for a pedestrian accident, as 34 percent of pedestrian deaths involved alcohol in 2013.

Pedestrians between the ages of 15 and 29 are the most likely to seek emergency room treatment for injuries. However, risk does not decrease with age and, the older pedestrians get, the more likely they are to suffer fatal injuries in an accident.

Personal safety will only take you so far

Like most pedestrians in California, you understand how important it is to use crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street. However, you can follow every possible safety tip for pedestrians and still be at the whim of a driver who is more focused on his or her phone than on the road.

Injuries from pedestrian-vehicle accidents tend to be severe, and recovery is often a lengthy and expensive process. Compensation may be essential for your recovery, as it is easier to focus on your own health and well-being when you can more easily handle medical expenses, lost wages and other financial worries. Resources regarding personal injury suits are readily available to you.

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