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Rideshare Options Allegedly Lead to Drop in Drunk Driving Accidents

In the last few years, rideshare options like Uber and Lyft have taken off in popularity--especially in highly populated cities in California such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. These low-cost taxi-alternatives haven't just helped out those stranded without a ride. According to recent reports, rideshare services may have also been instrumental in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents that occur every year throughout California.

The San Francisco Police Department recently released statistics comparing the number of accidents that happened on New Year's Eve of last year to the previous five years. These statistics indicated the lowest number of accidents since 2009. Many believe that the recent drop is due to the increasing number of rideshare options available for individuals. Instead of trying to make it home after a few drinks, partiers planned ahead and called a cheap Uber or Lyft to drive them around all evening.

Are Rideshare Options the Future?

Many studies have shown that affordable rideshare options have made it much easier for people to choose the smart decision and avoid driving after drinking. San Francisco's streets are so saturated with rideshare drivers that many believe consumer behavior has been changed to make calling a rideshare driver the cultural norm. While this can be a positive thing for many, it can also put more inexperienced rideshare drivers on the road.

Uber and other rideshare companies continually have issues with:

  • Accident and damage liability
  • Execution of training
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer service

While these issues may not seem major, the speed at which these companies are growing can make it difficult for them to be addressed effectively. People injured in these car accidents, whether as passengers or other drivers, can face serious complications when seeking compensation.

Uber is currently in a battle with its California contractors over whether or not they should be considered employees and reimbursed for various expenses. The undecided nature of many of these issues puts injured parties in a more confusing and frustrating situation.

Were You Involved in a Rideshare Accident?

In many cases, Uber or Lyft drivers can be even more susceptible to accidents when dealing with the distraction of driving around a paying customer without the proper training. Unlike taxi drivers, these individuals go through much less training and don't always have to have the same qualifications. On top of that, many drivers use ridesharing to earn extra income, meaning they have other jobs to focus on. This can lead to a tired worker getting behind the wheel to work more hours.

While rideshare options may have helped prevent drunk driving accidents in San Francisco, they are far from perfect. Just like any other driver, these drivers are prone to being involved in accidents.

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