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Chris Brown & Event Venue Slammed with Premises Liability Lawsuit

Earlier this year on January 11th, Chris Brown held an event at Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose. Tickets for this "VIP birthday party" held in honor of Brown's manager ran between $50 and $2,500. During the exclusive event, gunshots broke out. One young man suffered a gunshot wound to his foot that allegedly caused permanent nerve damage, traumatic stress, and other damages. As a result, he is bringing forward a lawsuit against Chris Brown and the event venue.

Fiesta Nightclub Fraught with "Violent Events"

According to reports, Fiesta was cited for at least four other violent events or shootings throughout the year prior to the Chris Brown event. In fact, Brown's event had been booked at two different venues prior to selecting Fiesta; however, the other two venues both backed out of holding the event after they were given police warnings regarding the violence expected.

The lawsuit filed by the injured student accuses Fiesta and Brown of negligence and premises liability. The suit points out that Fiesta was given a similar warning from police about the potential violence prior to the event. Despite this, the nightclub failed to provide adequate security.

Not only that, but they also:

  • Failed to search all attendees for firearms / weapons
  • Did not use metal detectors or pat-downs
  • Allowed unauthorized and unticked individuals to enter

The complaint alleges that Fiesta should have been aware of the potential for violence during the event, especially considering the police warning. Even with this information in mind, they allegedly failed to take action to fix the threat. As such, the injured man is seeking both general and special damages for his lost income and earning ability, medical expenses, and other damages.

What Does California Say About Premises Liability?

In California, there are certain laws on when an injured party can hold a property owner accountable for their damages. If a person suffers injury due to the owner or manager's negligent management of their property, they could be able to pursue a valid claim against them.

Keep in mind, these key aspects must be proven:

  • The owner / manager was negligent in their use of their property;
  • The plaintiff suffered some type of harm or injury; and
  • The plaintiff's injury was due to the owner's negligent behavior.

Negligence can be a very broad term. For example, more common premises liability issues involve injuries caused by poorly maintained property. A damaged handrail, wet floor, or defective staircases could all lead to an individual suffering serious injuries due to premises liability. On the other hand, more obscure elements like lack of security, can also bring about a premises liability case.

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