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September 2015 Archives

Can Hybrid Crosswalk System Help?

California roads are known to have a large pedestrian population--especially in the Bay Area. San Francisco's streets are dotted with tourists and locals alike walking to and from work, lunch, or the next iconic location. But just because pedestrians rule the streets doesn't mean the streets have been designed with them in mind. California is aiming to implement hybrid crosswalks to help cut down on the number of fatal accidents that occur at midblock crossings.

Disabilities May Not Be Seen Until Long After Newborn Surgery

According to a new study, it is believed that some newborns who undergo complex heart surgery will appear fine but develop a disability as they grow older. These disabilities can be both neurological and motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. While these complications are considered to be very rare, there is still a potential risk for them to happen.

Risperdal: Johnson & Johnson Profits Off Their Dangerous Drug

Known as one of America's most prominent makers of pharmaceutical and consumer goods, Johnson & Johnson products can be found in nearly every home. But this household name isn't always as family-friendly or client-focused as it would like to claim.

San Jose Reaches 32nd Fatal Accident for 2015

Just last Monday, San Jose reported its 32nd fatal traffic accident for the year. That number reaches close to the yearly total for 2013 (40) and surpasses many of the previous yearly totals already. The accident took place early in the morning after a speeding Chevy Tahoe hit a curb, rolled over, and ejected the driver. He was ruled dead at the scene. Another man who was in the vehicle had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Metrolink's Crash-Resistant Cars Evaluated

Metrolink has specific crash-resistant cars set in place in front of trains to help avoid derailment. These cars are passenger coaches used for when a locomotive is pushing a train from behind. They boast certain features that are intended to make them safer, including energy-absorbing crush zones.

Chris Brown & Event Venue Slammed with Premises Liability Lawsuit

Earlier this year on January 11th, Chris Brown held an event at Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose. Tickets for this "VIP birthday party" held in honor of Brown's manager ran between $50 and $2,500. During the exclusive event, gunshots broke out. One young man suffered a gunshot wound to his foot that allegedly caused permanent nerve damage, traumatic stress, and other damages. As a result, he is bringing forward a lawsuit against Chris Brown and the event venue.

Rideshare Options Allegedly Lead to Drop in Drunk Driving Accidents

In the last few years, rideshare options like Uber and Lyft have taken off in popularity--especially in highly populated cities in California such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. These low-cost taxi-alternatives haven't just helped out those stranded without a ride. According to recent reports, rideshare services may have also been instrumental in reducing the number of drunk driving accidents that occur every year throughout California.

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