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February 2014 Archives

Two Major Pedestrian Accidents in San Francisco Last Week

Two separate pedestrian accidents last week resulted in the death of a 91-year-old woman and head trauma and other bodily injuries for a 15-year-old boy. Both victims were hit while crossing San Francisco streets, one in Pacific Heights and the other in the Sunset district.

Drivers are Equally Distracted by Hands-Free and Hand-Held Devices

California law prohibits using hand-held cell phones to talk or text while driving, but it allows the use of hands-free setups in the car. In theory, it makes sense to draw this legal distinction between devices that have to be operated manually and those that don't. In practice, a new study finds that it really doesn't matter whether you've got Bluetooth, a speakerphone, or whether you're holding your phone to your ear with one hand on the steering wheel. All kinds of devices are equally as distracting to drivers.

Pedestrian Death Toll Rises as S.F. Adopts 'Vision Zero'

The SFMTA may want to curb pedestrian fatalities on San Francisco city streets, but does it have what it takes to actually institute real change? The 'Vision Zero' plan, which the city has just adopted, seeks to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist deaths altogether by 2024. It's a lofty goal, to be sure, and one that everyone can jump on board with. But what needs to happen in order for the initiative to be a success?

San Jose Has A 911 Problem-Emergency Response Times Fall Woefully Short

Like airbags or helmets, emergency medical help is something you might not give much thought to until you desperately need it. But if you live in San Jose, it's time to start paying attention, because the city's emergency response times are lagging well behind the national average and no one seems to be doing anything to stop it.

Another Caltrain Fatality, and Still Nobody's Talking

Last Friday, yet another person was hit and killed by Caltrain. Precious few details are available regarding the accident, which occurred around 6:15 a.m. in Redwood City. The name of the victim was not released, nor were the circumstances of the accident, which is still apparently under investigation.

Uber Update: New Lawsuit Centers on App Use

The family of Sophia Liu, who was hit and killed on New Year's Eve in San Francisco by Uber driver Syed Muzaffar, 57, of Union City, is filing a wrongful death suit against the ride-sharing company. The lawsuit reportedly claims that the driver's use of the Uber app on his phone was a distraction and a contributing cause of the accident.

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