Accidents Caused by Road Rage

Although most people associate car accidents with a violation of a traffic law or mere negligence on the part of the at-fault driver, the reality is that aggressive driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes across the country. Accidents involving road rage often occur at high speeds and so tend to have especially devastating consequences for victims who may sustain serious injuries. Proving that another driver’s aggressive driving tactics were the cause of an accident can be difficult, so if you were injured in a crash caused by someone else’s erratic driving, you should consider speaking with an experienced auto accident attorney who can help you build a strong case.

Defining Road Rage

We all get annoyed at some point or another when on the road. This is to be expected and doesn’t usually put anyone else in danger. Road rage, on the other hand, should be taken much more seriously. Defined as the aggressive and even violent conduct of a driver that stems from uncontrolled anger at another driver, road rage often goes hand in hand with intoxication or drug use. However, outside stressors should not be eliminated, as these have also been known to spark road rage. It can be difficult to differentiate between an angry or annoyed driver and a driver who is exhibiting road rage, but the following characteristics are generally strongly associated with road rage:

  • Purposefully colliding with another vehicle;
  • Trying to run another car off the road;
  • Attempting to physically confront another driver; and
  • Brandishing or using a weapon to harm others or their vehicles. 

Often, road rage starts out as simple aggressive driving, which can include brake checking, cutting off another driver, speeding, tailgating, flashing headlights, or honking excessively. These types of aggressive behaviors often inspire road rage in others, involving multiple drivers and vehicles in potential accidents. 

Reacting to Road Rage

Dealing with a driver who is struggling with road rage can be frightening, but it is important to stay calm and refrain from retaliating. Attempting to pacify the other driver by waving or mouthing an apology, even when you aren’t at fault is one good way to help ease tension, as is giving the other driver a wide space to pass, or refraining from making eye contact, which can be viewed as an act of aggression. If you believe that another driver poses an imminent threat to your safety, you should immediately call the police and provide them with the driver’s license plate number and a general description. 

Common Injuries

Unfortunately, even the calmest driver could be involved in a collision with an aggressive driver. Resulting injuries tend to be severe, as at least one vehicle was usually speeding at the time of the collision. Road rage inspired crashes are also notorious for causing multi-car pile-ups as they often occur in traffic when there is little to no room between vehicles. These types of accidents are particularly dangerous for passengers who suffer from multiple impacts, which could cause not only scrapes, bruises, and abrasions, but also severe whiplash, broken bones, or head injuries, all of which can be extremely expensive to treat. Fortunately, injured parties who can demonstrate that another driver’s recklessness caused them to sustain serious injuries can collect compensation to cover these costs. 

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