Injuries Sustained On Property


Understanding Property Injury Liability In California

Premises liability is an umbrella term that places liability on a property owner, or one in control of the property, if an individual on the property suffers a particular injury.

A dog bite, slip-and-fall incident, inadequate security, fire accident and other unsafe conditions can all give rise to a potential cause of action if an injury occurs.

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Individuals Who May Have A Cause Of Action For Their Injuries

In premises liability cases, there are three categories of individuals that will determine the overall outcome.

  • Invitees: These individuals are invited onto a premise, such as a restaurant, hotel, retail store, by an implied invitation or verbal invitation to conduct business.
  • Licensees: These individuals are allowed to enter a property with the consent, either written or verbal, by the owner of the property or landlord. Guests or repair technicians are common examples of licensees.
  • Trespassers: These individuals are given neither implied nor verbal consent to enter a property. While trespassers do not have any legal right to be on a property, they may still have a cause of action under certain laws in California depending on the circumstance.

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Injuries Sustained On Property

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