5 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

According to the CDC, bicycle trips account for approximately one percent of all trips in the United States yearly. Although riding a bicycle is relatively safe, it has been proven that cyclists are at a greater risk for more severe injuries because of their exposure to the outside world. In a year in the United States, there are on average 467,000 bicycle-related injuries. 

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and suffering. That’s why it would be highly beneficial to consider hiring a San Francisco bicycle lawyer as they can help you. At the Law Offices of Scott Righthand, we have helped many California cyclists gain compensation after being involved in an unfortunate event that left them injured. You don’t need to let someone else’s negligent actions cause you unnecessary grief and financial strain.

Who Is Liable For A Bicycle Accident?

Many considerations and factors need to be looked at when determining liability for a bicycle accident in San Francisco. However, in general, when a car-on-bike collision occurs, liability is usually allocated to the driver of the vehicle who was directly involved in the bicycle accident. This is often done because of how unprotected cyclists are in comparison to those driving motor vehicles. 

In some instances, a cyclist can be held liable for an accident if he or she has ignored traffic signals or has purposely ridden on the wrong side of the road. Additionally, a cyclist can also be held liable if they have participated in other negligent actions that led to the accident transpiring. 

The Five Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Since 1975 the fatality rate amongst bicycle riders has tripled. If you’re curious about the five most common causes of bicycle accidents in San Francisco, look at the brief list below. An experienced attorney can help you identify the cause of your specific accident and help determine who the liable party is. 

Drivers Unable To See Cyclists When Changing Lanes

Often a driver of a motor vehicle will make a turn or lane change at a high speed without realizing that there is a cyclist present. Other times a driver underestimates the speed at which a cyclist is going and changes lanes without considering that the cyclist is riding too slowly or too quickly for an accident to be avoided. 

Vehicles Turning Into The Direct Path Of A Cyclist

One of the leading causes of bicycle accidents occurs when a driver turns into the direct path of a cyclist. This common accident usually happens when a driver is overtaking a bicycle but suddenly slows down in the direct path of the cyclist. Many drivers have commented on how they have failed to see if there is enough space between their vehicle and the cyclist once they have overtaken them. 

Distracted Or Inattentive Cyclists

As with drivers of motor vehicles, cyclists can also be distracted or inattentive when cycling. In some instances, a cyclist will take their eyes off the road to site see or use their mobile device to text or take calls. These actions are commonly responsible for bicycle accidents as they take the bicycle riders’ attention away from the road rules. 

Cyclists Riding Too Close To Traffic

Another leading cause of bicycle accidents is when cyclists ride too close to traffic. In many states, there are laws surrounding how close a cyclist can be to regular traffic. When this isn’t adhered to, car on bicycle collisions occur. Drivers should always have at a minimum of three feet from the broadest part of their vehicle a bicycle to avoid an accident transpiring. 

Door Accidents

It may seem unbelievable, but dooring accidents are one of the most frequent causes of bicycle accidents. Often a cyclist will ride into a car door that has been left open. This type of accident is prevalent on busy streets and areas with high traffic volumes. Drivers must note that it is their responsibility only to open their door if there is no sign of a person riding a bicycle.

Get In Contact With A Bicycle Accident Attorney In San Francisco Today

Should you have been in a bicycle accident, you are likely facing financial, emotional, and physical trauma. You shouldn’t have to deal with the legal proceedings that arise on your own, which is why you should undoubtedly consider reaching out to a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney. If you want to determine if you have a right to compensation, we at the Law Offices of Scott Righthand can help you. When you sign on with us, we will put our years of experience to good use evaluating your case and providing you with excellent service. For a stress-free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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