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Trucking is a part of life in the Bay Area, especially because San Francisco is a major port for the United States and Northern California. With so many trucks on the road, accidents are bound to happen.

At the Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., we recognize that trucking is a vital part of our economy, but there can sometimes be an unrealistic demand on drivers, resulting in dangerous accidents. If you were injured in a truck accident, contact an attorney from our firm right away. Working with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer from our team can help you retain the compensation you deserve.

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Common Causes of Truck Collisions

There are a variety of factors that could cause a major trucking disaster. When you work with our firm, we will help determine who is liable for the accident and ensure that they are held accountable.

Some causes of accidents may include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Poor maneuvering of the large truck on city streets or narrow roads
  • Size and weight of the trucks
  • Improper distribution of weight in the load
  • Brake, steering or other mechanical failure
  • Human error

The sheer size and weight of trucks compared to other vehicles on the road can quickly spell disaster. The injuries and damages arising out of trucking accidents is often very severe. Our firm understands this and has represented many seriously injured victims following devastating truck accidents.

The Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C. understands that truck accidents necessitate entirely unique fact findings and discoveries, beginning with truck ownership, employee-contractor status, negligent hiring, log book infractions, sleep deprivation, drug issues and similarly directed inquiries. You can rely on the Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C. to help you retain the compensation that you deserve.

What Are the Trucking Regulations?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set out some pretty distinct safety regulations to help minimize the amount of truck accidents that take place on the road. There are a number of different matters covered within these federal regulations.

The main regulations you need to know include:

  • Hours-of-Service – As one of the most controversial regulations for truck drivers, it is probably the most important for passenger vehicle drivers. Truckers are limited to only driving a maximum of 11 hours and working only 14 hours a day. Further, a driver must have 10 consecutive hours offer before they are allowed to get behind the wheel again.
  • Maintenance & Repair Standards – 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks are large vehicles that require extensive maintenance. If a truck driver or truck company fails to ensure the proper maintenance and repairs are made before a vehicle goes out on the road, it could be disastrous. That is why there are regulations on minimum inspection standards.
  • Weight Limits – There are federal weight limits in places to keep large trucks from carrying too heavy of cargo and creating hazards on the road. In most states, trucks can have a gross weight of 80,000 pounds, though some pulling two or more trailers may exceed that weight.
  • Alcohol & Drug Use – Just like with any other driver, drug or alcohol use is illegal for commercial drivers. However, they face stricter regulations on blood alcohol content, with a BAC of .04 being considered illegal for a commercial driver.

San Francisco has taken an active role in encouraging and enforcing safety laws and regulations. In 2015, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) released a training video that has become required viewing for all city truckers. If you believe your accident was caused by violations of any of these regulations, we encourage you to call on our Bay Area truck accident attorneys.

Reconstructing Accidents Scenes

Although certain principles apply in reconstructing motor vehicle accidents, the reconstruction of trucking accidents requires its own expertise. Injuries from these accidents can be catastrophic. At the Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., we have litigated trucking accidents leading to injuries as severe as paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia and death. Because our office is unique in litigating a large number of medical cases, we have acquired medical knowledge and experience necessary to retain the proper experts in areas of spinal cord injury, brain injury and even life planning for seriously injured victims.

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If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is important that you contact a dedicated, experienced and trusted representative. At the Law Office of Scott Righthand, P.C., we stand ready to provide outstanding representation and pursue the best possible outcome for our clients.

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