Fire-Related Accidents in San Francisco

Fires can be devastating, and in a matter of minutes, your life can be turned upside down. Not only is structural damage evident in most cases, but personal injury and severe burns can cause great pain and suffering. We have experience with burn cases leading both to death and catastrophic injury.

If you are the victim of a fire-related accident or injury, we suggest you contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer from our team right away.

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Help for Burn Victims

One of the most common types of injuries related to fires is burns. Even minor burns can be extremely painful, and many people may require long-term healing and recovery expenses. Third degree burns can forever change a life. They often require multiple surgeries and surgery revisions over the years. They can affect the immune system because our skin is our first layer of defense. They are often disfiguring requiring expensive plastic surgery to repair damage. First, second, and third-degree burns should all receive first-aid or medical attention, and many individuals pay out-of-pocket for the initial expenses.

In addition to burns, smoke inhalation is another very serious issue related to fire-related accidents. Smoke inhalation is actually the number one cause of death for victims of fires. Often, the hot smoke causes immediate suffocation, swelling of the air tract, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Victims who survive inhaling large amounts of smoke often have lengthy recoveries and require extensive care.

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